Constructed Mythology

Knights of Asha is a series being written by Spookus. The series follows 12 teenagers who are suddenly transported into the Mirror World, which, as the name suggests, closely resembles our world, though each nation appears to be in a different period of history, and their myths and legends are very much real. The group finds themselves in Camelot, and are soon forced to fight as "Reserve Knights" conscripted soldiers who fight in place of the kingdom's standing army.

The main series: "Albion" is set in what resembles Arthurian Britain.

A number of spin-offs and prequels are also planned, such as the backstory of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; and stories set in other countries.

Main Characters[]

Noah Fletcher - Cynical, pessimistic misanthrope. Introverted and recluse, refuses to fight

Jacob Stewart - Arrogant and reckless, Jacob is determined to prove himself and surpass his brother

Isaac Stewart - Intelligent and wise, often the voice of reason of the group

Lily Chapman - Shy and insecure, likes to keep her distance from people, but is confident around people she knows well.

Story Arcs[]

Reserve Knights Cycle

Trial of Champions Cycle

Black Knights Cycle

The Grail Cycle

Excalibur Cycle