Constructed Mythology

No one knows how or exactly when the shapeshifters were given their power. All anyone knows is that they've been able to shift for centuries. They mix and match according to their own customs, inter-mingling with all manner of human, witch, and sorcerer as they please.

Species and Location[]


Shapeshifters posses the power to shift form into that of an animal at will. This power does not wear them out and is a trait they are born with. In human form, they retain some of their animal form's skills (ie: heightened senses). Each Shapeshifter has the ability to take on a half-form of their animal (ie: human body with hawk wings).

Genetic Dominance[]

(These were written assuming that all Shapeshifters have the possibility of interbreding)

  • Jaguar, Puma, Lion, Cheetah, and Tiger are all codominant to each other but are dominant to everything else.
  • Wolves are dominant to Raven and Fox which are codominant to each other.
  • Tasmanian Tigers are dominant to both Dingo and Tasmanian Devil of which Dingo is dominant.
  • Peregrine Falcon is dominant to all Falcon and Hawk species (including Eagle).
    • Falcons are dominant to Hawks which are dominant to Ravens.
  • Cobras are dominant to Viper and Rattler of which Viper is dominant.
    • Pythons breed true only with two pythons.
      • Anacondas are dominant to Boa and Python of which Boa is dominant.

Mixed Cultures[]

  • Slight Mixes
    • Jaguar, Anaconda, Boa, Python
    • Thylacine, Tasmanian Devil, Dingo
    • Lion & Cheetah
  • Full Mixes
    • Raven & Fox (Pentenshi)
    • Wolf & Fox (only in certain areas)

Otherside Companions[]

Each species of Shapeshifter possesses an Otherside Companion of the same species as their Shift.

See also[]

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