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Lycanthropy is, currently, a non-curable disease that is mainly transmitted through bites and contact with Lycanthrope saliva and blood; however, actual physical contast between the Lycanthrope and the victim is not necessary. Lycanthropy cannot be transmitted from parent to child.


  • Puma
  • Wolf
  • Jaguar
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Siberian Tiger
  • Dingo
  • Hyena
  • Red Fox
  • Hauri
  • Hashi
  • Racoon


Lycanthropes have the ability to transform at will, but because it is very painful and requires an excess of engery most do not transform except on the full moon. Certain abilities can be carried over from the animal form to the original form such as: enhanced hearing, sense of smell, and sometimes enhanced sight. Unlike Shapeshifters a Lycanthrope must change completely from one form into another. There are no partial changes.

Lycanthropes also end up having a dual mindset when in their animal form. They can let the animal mind take over or they can stay in their original mindset. As most Lycanthropes find it hard to cope with the things they did in their animal forms, most retreat into the animal mindset.


Anyone and anything can become infected with Lycanthropy except those who make their home in the Divine Realms. Most do not end up surviving attacks but those who do are likely to transform at the next full moon.

As discussed earlier, the only way to "catch" Lycanthropy is for Lycanthrope saliva to come into contact with an open wound of some sort. Just receiving a scratch from a Lycanthrope is not enough to transfer the virus.

As for Shapeshifters who happen to contract Lycanthropy of the same type as their second form, they cannot control the Lycanthrope form. They must make a distinction between their second form and their Lycanthrope form before shifting or transforming at will.

Child Bearing[]

When it comes to child bearing among Lycanthropes, the process is very difficult. The trauma of the shift makes it very hard to carry a child to term. Also, the animal forms are simply not equipped to handle a human fetus. With the help of a specially trained midwife, some Lycanthrope females have managed the feat, though this is rare.

Otherside Companions[]

Each species of Lycanthrope possesses an Otherside Companion in the shape of their Shift.

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