Constructed Mythology

The Kingdom of Karnatha is a human kingdom on the continent of Iotari, spanning nearly the whole continent. It ranges from Hell's Peaks to the Blackwoods to the borders of the forest nation of Aldathyr. The nation was founded in the Fourth Age, one of the oldest surviving human kingdoms. Due to laws sanctioned by the monarchy, other intelligent and semi-intelligent non-human races are not allowed within Karnatha's borders. So, the population is nearly exclusively human, save for hidden pockets of elves and other races.


Karnatha came together when five warring bands of humans formed the Pact of the Ave, named after a sacred river, at the end of the Third Age. They lived in harmony with each other for over 250 years, and peace was once again found for the humans. Agriculture evolved, and soon irrigation was discovered and utilized. As agriculture evolved, so did architecture. Huts and hovels made of mud and grass evolved into wood and stone housing.

The Gwyain Band, led by Karnath, brought together the Five Bands of the Ave through outstanding acts of diplomacy and gifts. They became one nation, and named themselves the Nation of Karnatha after the leader of the Gwyain Band.

Karnath became the leader of the Nation of Karnatha and lead his people wisely. All was prosperous and good during his reign. After he died, he marked the end of the Third Age and the rise of the Fourth Age.