Constructed Mythology


The most verdant and peaceful of the four sectors of N'gralanak, Kihjun is home to Firstborn. The races of this sector is relatively devoid of metal or other inorganic items dredged from the ground. Thus, most of their needs are met using the plant life and available organics, such as stone and wood. The people here are technologically and mentally advanced, as their need to survive must also mean living in harmony with the other life. All the systems and planets that belong to Kihjun are connected by the Great Vine, and the people may travel to each without the use of any kind of transportation. It is the duty of all of Kihjun to uphold the Laws that were given to the Firstborn by the Dragon and woe to any who breaks them. Ignorance is no excuse, and the young are immediately trained to follow the Laws to minimize any chance there is of breaking Them.


From ITs horns, IT spun a great vine that branches into a web, which is called the Life-Vine. The Life-Vine connects all the worlds of Kihjun. From the dust of some of ITs ground scales, IT fashioned the earth upon which the people stand. The Dragon spun a story into Kihjun and made it a refuge. IT made the people peaceful, so that they might never learn of war. To the first of the races, called Hetag, IT gave the laws and the skills to teach. The Dragon gave the Hetag the duty of keeping Kihjun alive, and from the Hetag, IT crafted the rest of the beings of Kihjun.

Important Regions[]



Aenaru was the first of the planets of Kihjun to come into existence. To the Firstborn, the First-risen were given the Laws of the Great Dragon, and they in turn gave them to the rest of the sector. Home to the Hetag, the First-risen, Aenaru is a mountainous, forested region.







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