Constructed Mythology


Depending on what religion you are basing this consept off of, depends on your answer: How did Kashube begin?

The most widely-believed theory was that told in the sacred book, the More'Kagakt, said to have been written by the gods themselves. The first five segments tells of the creation of Kashube and all of the races.


Kashube is a planet of many ranges, varying from the icelands of Arokel to the desertous regions of Seketun. Here is a view of the world map. If you wish for a more detailed range of each of the continents and the countries, click here.

Kashube map


The Elves[]

The elves are the most dominant races on Kashube. They have the most known races and are the most varied in the world of Kashube. The first type are the imperials. The imperial elves are usually fair, slender, and tall. They are also known as the purest race and the chosen people of Arieahe. The second type are the cursed dark elves. It is said that they are the chosen ones of Sunahe, and have been doomed to live in the underground cities or subject to being slaves for the surface elves. They are, however, making a comeback, due to the current Emperor of the throne. The third type are the forest wood elves. They frolic through the woods, singing and dancing, or hunting. The fourth type of elf is the Tennish elf. They are said to be the chosen of Aledwahe. They have long ears, and are keen in spellwork. The fifth type is the sigil elf. These elves spend most of their time living in desert regions. The sixth type is the balef elves. These elves are born with a natural ability to wield a certain type of element. The seventh type are the Kalst elves. These elves are the most strange looking, and live in the marshlands. The eighth type of elf are the gray elves. They are said to be the children of the dark elves and the sigil elves. The ninth and final type of elf is the commen elf. It's...well, the most common elf out of all of the races.

There is another type of elf that none of the other elves will accept. These are known as the ramoric elves. These elves are actually half-elves, being half human. The elves of Kashube despise the humans, and so will have nothing to do with the ramoric elves.

For a more detailed list on these races, click here.

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