Constructed Mythology

Princess Karl Ilione of Kandarlon, Dokarian Prince of Kandarlon (given names: Karl Ilione Imperio-Barlaghn; born 18 August 999, Saz, Kandarlon), is the second child of Jacus Luwald Imperio-Barlaghn, Chief Marshall of the Empire of Kandarlon and his second wife, Gisela Goslar.


He was born in Gerdinsa Hospital, Saz. He has a younger brother, Prince Maximus Luwald and an older half sister, Princess Ariena Helen . He's also a cousin of Prince Ersain, Princess Senaris and Princess Dusce, children of his uncle, Emperor Favian XVIII.

He is now attending the Imperial Kandarlon Academy.


  • Karl is for his maternal grandfather
  • Ilione is for his father's best friend.