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Central Kale

A Map of Central Kaile, drawn by Flamefang

The World of Kaile is a project started about six years ago, by Flamefang and Esyrias. The main continent is largely based off of a sand map we once created when we were younger. The actual world of Kaile is one designed to be NON-Stereotypical. This means that we do not include vast amounts of Elves, Orcs, Dwarves etc. But instead rely mostly on Humans and an assortment of made up races. I know this may sound discouraging to some, yet you will find our world rich in legend, magic and warfare. Kaile has no true evil, there is no "Dark Lord" and savage war parties do not roam the lands.


Created much like Earth by natural forces(continental shift, volcanic activity, floods etc.)


The Creatures of Kaile are similar to those of earth yet due to the presence of magic some animals have magical abilities and tend to be slightly different, sometimes larger.. or with bigger horns etc. And then there are some which are completely different all together.

Bestiary of Kaile


Geographically, explored Kaile is split into five sections, the Central lands, The West, The Eastern marshes, The south and the forgotten continent to the north. The Center holds The Haram Empire, the Elves(Renamed Illuthai), the Dragons(Will be re-named) and most of the Obsidian mountain range harboring the Demons. The west is largely un-colonized yet remains explored by Imperial expeditions. Rogues and some farmers live here but the most dangerous inhabitants by far are the Ivral'Thren living in the gap or valley of Hinror. The Eastern marshes hold the warring Goblin Factions but little else. Finally the forgotten continent, which possesses no sentient life but is in the plans of the ever expansionist Haram Empire. The South is populated by the Golden Empire, a mysterious people whom practice different brands of magic all of which are heavily regulated. Several islands also dot the seas, the largest of which are the Buskan Isles, home of the highly independent Buskan. Occupied by the Haram Empire, the Colony isles are a hub of inter-racial trade even rivaling the Buskan Isles. The remaining island: the Isle of Thought is mainly mysterious.

Central Kaile


The Eastern Marshes

The Western lands

The Forgotten Continent

Draconic lands

The Obsidian Mountain Range

The Twin Forests

Mountain Ranges:[]

The Granite Mountains

The Obsidian Mountain Range (Also a region)

The Western Mountains

Mountains of the Dawn

The Great Barrier

The Crown of the World


The Buskan Isles

The Colony Isles

The Isle of Thought

Political Factions:[]


The Haram Desert

Pre-Cataclysm Haram lands




Independent areas




Characters and Important Persons:[]

  • Kailean Characters

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