Constructed Mythology

Kaif Yolear born on the twelfth of the middle month when the days become longer. He is the son of Prince Draco of Farieyop and Caesaria. He was send to the Another World by his mother when his father was killed during the Dark War. He was sent to the human world because his mother sensed that his life was in grieve danger being the next heir to the throne of Farieyop.

On a tour around the Pacific Ocean, the ship that he was boarding encountered a great storm. He was immediately transferred on a life boat. But great waves caused the life boat to sink. He thought it was his end but when he woke up, he was at the bay of the Sea of Lacrima.


As a Farieyan, he embodied the distinct qualities of his race, such as perserverance and industry. He also had inherit the race's hot-headedness. He cares so much for his friends and loved ones that he is willing to sacrifice his own life for them.


He resembles his father's image sharing his red hair and green eyes with him. His hair is waist-length and always tie it on a pony-tail. His mother contributed the delicate curve of his eyebrows.


As a guardian of fire, he takes full control of the element fire. He could create fireballs and throw it from his hand. He could also set anything on fire with only a glance. He is highly skilled in swordsmanship that nobody in Epitomia defeated him in a sword fight. He could also send telepathic messages to the other guardians and is able to teleport. His spirit-guardian is a phoenix.


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The Sword of Pynroque is his weapon.

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