Constructed Mythology

Prince Jacus of Kandarlon, Dokarian Prince of Kandarlon (full name: Jacus Luwald Imperio-Barlaghn) is the current Chief Marshall of the Empire of Kandarlon and the younger brother of the current Emperor of Kandarlon, Favian XVIII. He is also a scion of the ruling house of the empire; the House of Imperio.

Early Life and Career[]

He was born on March 18, 965 in Britt, a minor town in Cerbia. He was the second son of Domitius Barlaghn and Detricia Imperio, sister of emperor Ersain III. He's elder brother is the current emperor,Favian XVIII and he was educated at home which was supervise by his mother.

He was described by his family handsome, caring, intelligent, and energetic yet restrained lad. He and his older brother enrolled themselves in the Imperial Kandarlon Academy although both came from the Imperial family. He graduated in his class in the middle and immediately assign to the engineering corp. He was a brilliant engineer and won swift promotions. He became a military instructor in his alma mater on 989, commander of many forts and military projects. Unlike his brother, he continued his way through the hierarchy of the military. By the start of the usurpation of Hught in 991, he was already a brigadier.

He joined his brother against Hught and help him raised volunteer corps to strike at the capital. In 992, after a series of skirmishes, he was appointed to be the chief commander of the loyalist army. He brilliantly defeated many armies sent by the Hught and led the final assault to the walls of the city Saz. When his brother became the emperor on June 23, 994, he was promoted to Lieutenant General and was given command of the entire Cerbian Army. He was also made a Prince of Cerbia, thus making him and children part of the succession to the Dokarship of Cerbia. With his new rank and position, he made impressive stride of progress in the army and made the Cerbian Army troops one of the finest in the whole continent.

Finally, in Sept. 23, 996, he was raised to the full ranked General and appointed as the Chief Marshal of the Empire.


He was first married to Aquila Gejane, daughter of Quilas Gejane, Dokar of Latoire. They had one child; Ariena Helen Imperio-Barlaghn (February 6, 996). But the couple became estranged at each other and finally, they annulled their marriage in 997.

He then married his second wife and childhood sweetheart, Gisela Goslar, a fellow student in the academy, who gave birth to two sons; Karl Ilione Imperio-Barlaghn (August 18, 999) and Maximus Luwald Imperio-Barlaghn (September 6, 1000). He is also the godfather of his niece, Princess Senaris of Kandarlon as well as the Princess Lorina of Cikira.