Constructed Mythology

All of these items have some relevance to the working of magic in Kintaria. Some have been former possessions of gods and goddesses while some haven't.


Crystals can be used to either store power or to focus it. Different crystals have different properties or powers within them. These properties can be as varied as each crystal. Certain crystals contain their own power in addition to whatever the user puts into them.

Powered Crystals[]

  • Emerald - Healing
  • Ruby - Fire
  • Sapphire - Water
  • Topaz - Light

Staves and Wands[]

Staves and wands are mainly used, like crystals, for channeling or storing power. Certain woods work better than others for storing power or channeling it; although the choice of woods is ultimately up to the user. Often power is imbued upon the actual staff or wand through runes that enable anyone who picks it up to wield said power. Wans are normally much smaller and thinner than the average staff.

Miscellaneous Items[]

  • Aegis - Zeus' shield, gifted to those in the mortal realms who have need of it
  • Andvaranaut - Andvari's ring, attracts gold like a magnet
  • Bionac - Lugh's spear, thirsts so for blood that only by steeping its head in a sleeping-draught of pounded poppy seeds can it be kept at rest
  • Brisingamen - Freya's golden necklace, commonly used as a fertility symbol
  • Callburn/Excalibur - King Arthur's sword, the blade is as bright as thirty torches and while wearing the scabbard, blood loss will not kill the bearer
  • Claiomh Solais - Sword of Nuada, no one ever escapes from it once it is drawn from its deadly sheath
  • Dagda's Club - able to kill nine men with one blow, but the handle can return the slain to life
  • Dainsleif - a cursed sword that must kill a man before it can be sheathed, wounds from it cannot be healed
  • Daurdabla - a richly ornamented magic harp made of oak which, when Dagda played it, put the seasons in the correct order
  • Draupnir - the golden arm ring made for Odin, eight other rings drop from it every ninth night, each as heavy and bright as Draupnir
  • Golden Fleece - Fleece from the winged ram Chrysomallos
  • Lia Fail - "Stone of Destiny," it was said that Lia Fail cried out beneath every king of Ireland
  • Mjollnir - Thor's hammer; it always strikes its mark and returns instantly to the user's hand; able to shrink and grow to its full size at the will of its user
  • Spear Luin (Spear of Destiny) - forged by the Smith of Falias for Lugh to use against Balor. No battle was ever sustained against it, or against the man who held it.
  • Undry - Dagda's bottomless cauldron from which no man left unsatisfied, has the power to heal

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