Constructed Mythology

The Isles in the Sky are floating islands that exist in the same world (called the World) as Drakace Island. They are a pair of islands that float in the sky, supported by the Sky Crystals.

Isles in the Sky


There are two floating islands, Mountana and Lone. Mountana is mountainous and its towns circle around the Olympa Mountains. It also has the great Skywater River that waterfalls down the side of the island, into the sea. Lone has two mounatins: Laputus and Slump. It also has the stormy Sandgale Desert and fresh lake of Janus, which is its principle water supply.


Aeroans: Look like tall, pale skinned humans with wings, feathered tails and pointed ears that droop downward. Are very kind and never war with each other. Have no magic whatsoever. Strangely, they can understand Bray.

Slinkra: A ferret-like race of mages. Look like large ferrets wearing robes and glasses. Most carry a staff or wand. Hate physical fighting but have great magical potential, so make great mages. Are rather friendly but have magical duels for fun. Understand Bray and any other animal languages.

Onocentaurs: Donkey-centaurs who are very clumsy and stupid. Often fall off the edge of the islands. Also live in Grecia. No one knows how in the World they got up there.

Majestic Beasts[]

Sky Dragons Beautiful blue dragons with feathered wings and tails. Can't breathe fire or ice, but they can use magic and physical fighting quite well.

Griffins: Half-lion, half-eagle beasts that live in Kinoala as well as the Isles in the Sky who hate horses with a passion.

Hippogriffs: Half-horse, half-eagle. Many believe that they are the offspring of a griffin and a horse, but that is impossible. They are just a separate species. Get on okay with griffins though. Understand Bray.

Pegasi: Winged horses who migrate from Grecia. Speak in Bray, a language of horses that is also understood by hippogriffs, hippocampi, centaurs, Aeroans and slinkra.

Cool Animals[]

Bullgo: Huge bull-like animals that make weird honking noises. Live near the Lake of Janus. People think they are cool for some reason.

Hsigo: Winged monkeys that fly in from the nearby Cloud Forests. Are very annoying.

Buckbas: Large white goats almost as big as bongo. Live in the Olympa Mountains.

Camels: Large yellow goatlike creatures that store fat in humps on their back. How weird. Live in the Sandgale Desert.

Major Deeds[]

  • Being the biggest floating islands.
  • Slinkra discovering how to make Sky Crystals into slightly dodgy aircraft.
  • Aeroans discovering how to grow Sky Crystals so that their islands won't fall from the sky if they over-mine them.