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men of the West

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This realm is found to the south of the map. Bounded between the mountains and the sea, it has for centuries defended a large part of Athoria from foreign invasion. Its lords descent from the Men of the west, while a majority of the rural population descends from the Hillmen peoples.

Intir coa

Coats of arms of Intir


Intír is a one of the greatest realms of Men in Athoria


The head of the State is the King.Descendant of an ancient house..

The head of the executive is the High Majordomus

The legislative branch is the Council of intir, consisting of 300 noble families plus members of the Royal House


There are four four types of militaries in Intir:

  • Royal forces
  • Feudal armies
  • City militias
  • Military orders.

The backbone of the royal forces are basic infantrymen armed with swords or spears. These are supported by archers.  The light cavalry are an efficient force in the border marches. However, the strength of Intir lies in its heavy cavalry.

The feudal armies are led by the landlord,  followed by his company: a dozen of knights, some 20 light horsemen, and some 50 light infantry and 20 archers.

The city militias consist mostly of infantrzmen- swordsmen, spearmen and archers. In the major cities there is also a Citadel Guard, similar to the Swiss Mercenaries in Vatican.


Its lords descent from the Men of the west, while a majority of the rural population descends from the Hillmen peoples.

Provinces and localised governments[]

The Kingdom is divided into three types of areas: Provinces, Territories and the Royal Domain.

Royal Domain[]

The royal domain includes the oldest core of the Kingdom. It consists of:

  • Alásiar - A region in the north of Intir to the west of the river Beleduin separating it from Eseliar.Its eastern and northern parts are a fertile farmland, its southwest ist a forested woodland in the valleys of the white mountains.
  • Eseliar- found to the east of Alásiar.Bounded to the west by the river Beleduin and to the east by the barren Mountains of Night, it is a fertile and populous area.

The capital city Tanint has a special status, administered by the Prefect.


The Provinces are administered by the Legate, named by the King. They are further subdivided Districts and Fiefs.


The Territories are formed in less populated border marches

Concept and Creation[]

The kingodom of Intír is based on the byzantine empire