Constructed Mythology

The noble land of Indrienne was once a lush and tropical land. Now it's a wasteland thanks to it's latest monarch, King Abraxas. Abraxas rules Indrienne with an iron fist, a powerful army and a hatred of magic. King Abraxas was raised with a hatred of magic by his stepmother, a cruel woman called Tathilde who thankfully died five years ago, 

There are many different races and cultures in the land of Indrienne but most are in hiding.                                          Some notable races include...

Humans: it may sound obvious but the dominating species of Indrienne is human. Some still rebel against the king

Vampiric: these ghastly nocturnal demons spend most of their time hunting in the mountains

Forest-Elves: caring and sacred creatures that desire nothing but peace, they recently went into hiding

Trolls: they are shamans, warriors and sometimes barbarians. They are also in hiding, mainly in the boglands

Sweet-Teeth: the nightmarish ghouls that have a background of eating children. They are also in hiding

Moon-Elves: a small group of tree-dwelling nocturnal elves who are known for intricacy during battle

Sun-Elves: they left the mainland of Indrienne on ships many years ago, no one has seen one since

Krebane: the anthropomorphic crow-people of Indrienne, they are close with the Moon-Elves and are in hiding

Yettin: the large snow apes of the northwest mountains, they may be primative but they are strong.

Dwarfs: the stout yet tough little humanoids of the northwest mountains, they work in tandem with the Yettin

Wolven: the wolf-humanoids of Indrienne. They are not in hiding and live in human cities

Fallowkin: the deer people of Indrienne, they too are not in hiding and live in human cities

Boarback: the wild-boar people of Indrienne, they are also not in hiding and live in human cities

There are several smaller races that are currently to small to give mentions, they include Addalia, Haerans and Toadlugs.

Though to land is currently in danger, many still cling to an ancient prophecy that fortells the coming of a great hero who will save Indrienne. Though now all chances of this are looking... bleak.....