Constructed Mythology

The Indians or Island Natives were a very much like a human whom lived on the island.


They had always claimed to live on the island, although there are three other islands, one has people on it who sailed from the main land. This can possibly mean that they came from the main land.


hunters that will kill and eat almost anything. The men work hard and the women (ages 30-50)would cook and clean, the older women (50+) would sit and tell storys and legends to the children (ages 0-12). At age 12 the boys would begin to work and the girls would start looking for a husband.


Nin-o-nin-o preparing to go into the lake.

In their religon they belive a woman (9090; pronouced, nin-o-nin-o) strip her self of her clothing and went into a lake. In the lake there were millions of men (a prophet said 14,897,236,765,242,123,000,000) she said they'd al be the cheifs of the world and the men scarted out and became a cheif. 9090 then put her clothe back on and siad that the woman shall rule the world.



At ages 0-12 they are told storys from the elders at age 12 they begin to hunt and work. They are very strong, only a few are smart and they'll do anything to marry a woman.


At ages 0-12 they are toldstorys from the elders at age 12 they began to look for a husband. When they find a probber mate (usasly around the age of 16) they will follow the lad. When double checking the man she takes a feather of either her or her father and places at his bed and waits beside his door. When the lad sees this they are taken to the cheif to confirm the marrige. Once they get the o.k they go to a place where no one is near and no one can see them and live there for three days. At marrage or by the age of thirty the woman begins to clean and cook.


Good hunting skills.


The men and women really need a mate or they fell there life is incomplete.


They live all over the island.

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