Constructed Mythology


A nation spread thinly and discreetly over an area of scrubland and mountainous grassy plains, Ight'Theru is a kingdom of dwarves who live to the north of Gortran, the land of mists. Ight'Theru means Abandoned Land in the Old Tongue of Dynir and it is a land carved from forsaken rock and populated by an exiled people. Ight'Theru is a dangerous place, full of ravenous beasts and magical traps left over from the lime of Khatdâr, the Doomed Kingdom. It is unwise to go there as the Gûn'Dûr, the exiled dwarves, are a proud, defensive people.


The only authority among the Gûn'Dûr is the word of their the Sovereign, the Hau-Moah (or Granite King). He is the only true leader of the Gûn'Dûr apart from the individual clan heads, the Pao-Dao (Slate Lords). An individual Pao-Daoh commands one of the Gûn'Dûr clans - of which there are twelve.


The proud Gûn'Dûr are the only people to permanently inhabit Ight'Theru and even they are few and far between. The only other people who ever visit Ight'Theru are Ki'Da Traders from the Irelian Elves (or Ki'Dei) and Weu Nomads, a hardy people used to the hardships of this terrible place. The Gûn'Dûr put up with the nomads and in return the Weu report any news to the Pao-Dao.

Regions of Ight'Theru[]

There are three distinct regions of Ight'Theru. These are Valdalst, the populated mountains in which the Gûn'Dûr live mainly, Lundak, the fertile land which the Ndak river flows through and the Zaur, a semi-desert which even the Weu nomads fear to walk in for fear of losing their way.

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