Constructed Mythology

The Humogrio Realm was the plain where five areas had been divided. Avenda was where most Elves lived, Lithortan was where most Dwarves made their homes, Vibol was where most Hobbits dwelt, Axela was where many Men stayed and finally there was Eitak where the evil beasts lived, like the Minotaur. In the Sea of Grief and the Sea of Halflings, mermaids dwelt in here.


In the North was Axela, in the South was Vibol, in the East was Lithortan, in the West was Avenda and in the Northeastern part of Humogrio was Eitak. There were many rivers and streams but only two seas: the Sea of Grief located in Eitak and the Sea of Halflings located in Vibol.


Many main good races included Men, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits. Many main evil races consisted of Minotaur and Dragons. Other minor races existed here as well.


Every different creature had different religions that all related to their race. Men had many familier religions as us, including Christianity, Jewish and Muslim.


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