Constructed Mythology

Humans make op the majority of the population of the world Thurkear.


Humans were created by the Elder God called Gykain, the God of Balance. He intended them to be as himself: ambitious, adaptable, curious, and versatile. In this, he grandly succeeded. The humans were individual from the start: some of the clans remained barbaric, while others grew to great power and civilization, while others were nomadic tribes, forced to travel from place to place. The humans were also mainly the cause for the creation of so many gods, as humans tend to believe in just anything.

Humans are a warlike race, and have fought in almost all the wars the world has yet seen. During great wars were their loyalties divided, some supporting side A, while others supported side B, and some even created side C for themselves.

Currently, there are two grand empires and some smaller kingdoms who have a majority of humans in them.


Humans tend to live anywhere, and it is not surprising they can be found everywhere. The two main realms where they live are the Empire of Qilin, and the High Kingdom of Qe'Darash. Other kingdoms of notice are Dargoneshta, Svantinor, Sometar, and Sunruton.

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