Constructed Mythology

Howurk comes from the Gaakin word 'khourik' which means 'the land' or 'our land'.


This is the largest continent on Ainit. It runs from 50°E eastward to 138°W and from 86°N to 62°S. It tapers to the bottom, the top left and right resembling an inverted triangle. It is surrounded by three oceans and a sea:

  1. Nuik [N; NW; W]
  2. Buroi [SW]
  3. Sakin [SE]
  4. Sea of War [E; NE]

It is made up of three parts:

  1. Northern Howurk
  2. Howurk
  3. Island Askar

It is mainly semi-arid and arid with a wetter climate around the equator and a cold desert covering most of Northern Howurk.

It is divided into two by the Miacin Mountains that run roughly along the equator. Island Askar is the only part of Howurk that lies in the Buroi. The average temperature is 35°C during the day and 5°C at night.


Howurk is divided into five countries:

  1. Western Howurk
  2. Calbim
  3. Jatnami
  4. Howurk South
  5. Askakas

The countries live in peace with Western Howurk separated from the rest by the Mounts of Gaiku. Howurk South occupies the part of Howurk below the Miacin Mountains while Calbim and Jatnami share the land above them. Northern Howurk is mainly inhabited.

Socio-economic Structure[]

The people of Howurk mainly speak Gaakin languages, mainly: Askar [Askakas; Howurk South], Mikar [Jatnami; Calbim] and Ulakar [Western Howurk]. Some Sargish is also spoken to the east of Jatnami and Howurk South and some Han Daari among those in the medical and scientific fields.

The people of Howurk are mainly miners and merchants. Howurk contains the highest amounts of mineral deposits on Ainit. Howurk a are also sailors, specializing in large vessels for purposes of trade.



The inhabitants of Howurk are mostly (80%) humans.


Some Giants live in Northern Howurk but due to being hunted down by humans, their species is highly endangered. They range from about forty to eighty in number {ref : Organization for Magical Endangered Species Protection(OMESP) aircraft survey of P.A.12(post apocalypse)}


Although unconfirmed; there are reported sightings of demons in Northern Howurk. OMESP officials speculate it could be true due to the demon's natural attraction to cold environments and the closeness of Northern Howurk to Vorathi but they dismissed the sightings, terming them 'false until proven otherwise'.


Howurk is considered the poorest continent and Howurkians are especially mistreated and shunned. This 'racism' is the cause for concern from many activists and organisations in Sargo.