Constructed Mythology

The House of Vasdand is the ruling dynasty of Beolothor since 554, at the accession of the first Vasdand King, Cowan the Good.


The founder of the family fortune is Orion Vasdand, a soldier who rises through the ranks to become the Central Lord Commander of Beolothor National Army. He became a Corrath of Favar and married a daughter of the Loran of Gelliner. His eldest son, Cowan, succeeded to the Lorandy and became part of the Circle of Nobles. He became a trusted staff adviser of Breton IV and married him to his niece. He then became the Royal Constable of the Kingdom, thanks to the patronage of the King.

His son, Cowan succeeded to the Lorandy as well as the trust of the next king, Vallen II. When it became known that the king is impotent and cannot produce a suitable heir, Cowan was elected by the Circle of Nobles to be the next heir. It is still unknown whether he has a hand on the election but the king obliged and named him his heir. He was then invested all the titles of the Crown Prince, including the title Prince of Cuxblade. He also married Bella Redcliff, cousin of the king to strengthen his relation to the royal family. He succeeded to the throne when Vallen II died in a hunting accident.

There are fourteen monarchs who came from this house and made the country forerunner in the whole continent.

List of Vasdand Kings and Queens[]

  • Cowan the Good
  • Cowan II
  • Bargon II
  • Breton V
  • Lemelino III
  • Cowan III
  • Fraunces II
  • Bargon III
  • Fraunces III
  • Cadalso V
  • Lemelino IV
  • Lagen VI
  • Lemelino V
  • Bargon IV
  • Bargon V

The heir apparent of the dynasty is Princess Fraunces Vasdand, eldest daughter of Bargon V.

Notable Members[]

  • Linus Vasdand - Beolothoran soldier and diplomat.
  • Estelle Vasdand - Duchess of Winglurg in Cikira.