Constructed Mythology

The House of Imperio is the ruling family of Cerbia since its founding and of Kandarlon since 681, at the election of the first Imperio Emperor, Ersain the Peerless.


The family of Imperio claim their decency from the youngest son of Kandarlon Ironhand, Emnarco Imperio. He receive the doken of Cerbia from his father where he became it's first Dokar.

The family began to rose to the prominence due to the headship of the 15th Dokar, Ersain the Great, who raise his holdings and the prestige of Cerbia. It was his grandson, Ersain the Peerless who reaped the benefits of his grandfather by being elected as the Emperor of Kandarlon. To make sure that the imperial throne stay within his family, he had his son, Antony, elected as his heir. The succeeding elected emperors then are all Imperios.

List of Imperio Emperor[]

  • Ersain the Peerless
  • Antony the Conqueror
  • Favian XII
  • Antony II
  • Maximus III
  • Favian XIII
  • Favian XIV
  • Faro I
  • Faro the Fearsome
  • Favian XV
  • Amiro IV
  • Ersain II
  • Favian XVI
  • Favian XVII
  • Ersain III
  • Favian XVIII

There is rumors that if the reigning Emperor, Favian XVIII, died, the Dokarian Prince, Ersain, will surely succeed to the throne and he even has the support of the Dokarean Council.

Notable and Famous Imperio[]