Constructed Mythology
Lord Vetinari by jdillon82
Honrad Alvamerr
Biographical Information

Alvatae,Cape Alvadir,Silwerian Empire

Date of Birth

309,Aurwynma Calendar

Date of Death

385,Aurwynma Calendar

Physical Description






Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Information

Varies depending on situation and time


Varies depending on situation and time



Fighting Styles




Political Information
Position / Rank

Governor of Andrago,Governor of Cape Alvadir

Former Affiliation

Silwerian Empire,Kingslan Dominion

Current Affiliation

Kingdom of Alvadir

OOC Information

"Honrad Alvamerr, the first King of Alvadir was one of the most powerful man during the dawn of the Silwerian Empire. He was witty but dangerous, an opportunistic man, who at the height of his power was capable of swaying the Silwerian Empire and Anboric Empire to submit to his will. " - Baelthor Aurzakiel, in his work Great Lords of Teranel

Honrad Alvamerr (42 Lifesong 309 – 12 Coldwind 385) was the second son of Lord Kaesander Jillans, the Governor of the Silwerian Cape Alvadir. After Kaesander suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Karriva, Honrad surrendered the city of Rivaenali to the Kingslanders, and he led all his men to join the newly formed Kingsland Dominion. Honrad Alvamerr was left in Cape Alvadir to govern the Eastwater Pointe, closely watched by the Karsver of Rivaenali. Honrad secretly aided the Silwerian resistance in Cape Alvadir and was able to influent the Kingslanders as the Kingslander armies were fighting in Andrago and Westreach. He slowly took over the Salient through manipulation of power and when the Southron League and its allies began losing the war, Honrad secretly helped the Silwerians to take down Kingsland Dominion. After the War of Two Realms, Empress Serah the First agreed that Honrad keeps his position of being the Governor of Cape Alvadir due to his influence.

When Andrago was annexed by the Silwerian, Honrad influented the Silwerian Empire to appoint someone that would be better controlled by him. During the Avenger Crisis, Honrad Alvamerr began reverse-engineer the Elven weaponries, and developed powerful weapons such as the Emberflame Scorchers. In the Shattering War, Alvamerr retained neutral status, and he soon declared autonomy on behalf of both Andrago and Cape Alvadir, creating Kingdom of Alvadir with him as the first King. He ruled for 15 years before dying, establishing the Kingdom of Alvadir as one of the most powerful nations on the continent of Teranel.