Constructed Mythology

I suppose, if you know everything, life is worthless and therefore, ends your existence-Dyster Head Mystic

Age of Creation[]

The world was created by magic, monsters and sentient life.


Myth, the lifeblood of the world, makes magic and blesses it on the ones worthy of using it. The Archmeds and 'unworthy' races mine the Myth and implant in Myth packs carried by soldiers.


Monsters built the landscape of the world, dug caverns, raised mountains and destroyed holes making oceans.

Sentient Life

Creatures like the monster but with intelligence made civilizations. The most famous of these are the First Capital, The Dwarven Mining Capital and the Last Living Stone (Otherwise known as the Lost City of Earth) The most advanced life is the Human.

Rise of Existence[]

The Rise of Existence is when cities and towns evolved. The records of this era were lost in the Great Resurrection of Life. All that is known is that the Gnomes vanished before the Great Resurrection of Life, most likely the first race to die.

Great Resurrection of Life[]

More like the great destruction, it was foretold by many Mystics as 'The End of Time and the Universe'. The Gnomes were the first to vanish off the Plain of Waste (Was called the Land of Hope before the Fires of Chaos arrived.) The Plague moved south until it reached the North of Tarol, where, the Archmeds fought back against the Shadows becoming the Saviour of the South... For a few days until the empire attacked the south under the Command of Dero.