Constructed Mythology

The Hetag are the First-risen of the Firstborn of Kihjun. They are the first race that the Dragon saw come into being. They dwell in and around the region Aenaru.

Biology and Appearance[]

Thickset, bipedal reptilians, the average Hetag stands approximately 1.2 meters high and weigh about 87 kilograms. Their flesh, covered in iridescent scales ranging in color from palest gray to a jet black, is dark green. Their eyes are completely white and highly sensitive to light, with a cross-shaped pupil that rotates rapidly when the individual is agitated. Thick brow-ridges protect their eye, as well as a clear, second eyelid, much like those found in owls. The head of a Hetag is oblong and wedge-shaped. The heads of the males are slightly longer and heavier than the females' heads. The hands of a Hetag end in large fingers with six digits, which in turn are graced with curving, scythe-like claws. They have a digitrade stance, much like a bird's.

The blood of a Hetag is thick and clear, generally held to have many healing properties. They do not have tear ducts, but a second and third eyelid protects from debris and cleans the eye regularly.

Society and Culture[]


Notable Members[]