Constructed Mythology
Heaven's Siege

When the tower first came down from the storm that loomed over the camp, everyone was frightened by the immensity of it. It was bigger than the lake and reached so high it seemed as if you could climb it to Olympus. Though, no one will ever find out because every floor of the tower with the exception of the first is inaccessible to everyone but the Construct. He explained that this tower belonged to the gods and not even a demigod could destroy it, no matter how strong he or she was. It is the perfect stronghold against the Broken Covenant and can house the entire camp, or what’s left of it, if needed.

Not much is know about the tower itself beyond that which has been said. The Construct calls it “Heaven’s Siege” because it is the foothold of the gods in this world. While the tower is actually gigantic in height it only appears to be a few floors tall now. The Construct claims this is because Leto is hiding it from the world.

This place is now the home base of the group known as the “Sins of the Father” and is where all things related to them takes place.