Constructed Mythology

“look, I respect you, I I might even like you, but cross me again and I’ll slit you like a sack of seed”

Hatchett is the (perhaps retro-origin) name of a lone assassin that fillers though the cities, living on each pay packet.


Modeled on riff-raff from Rocky Horror, in fact made a very nice side-salary playing him in the Whedon Fringe Theater Revue 1998. Wears a dusty black raggedy suitand top-hat. Has hair of bone-white, greasy and brittle in unkempt bunches. Has dead, sunken eyes, hooked child-catcher noise, rotten teeth, tall yet shrunken frame. Likely to be a 'cursed child', or perhaps a Germanic warlock if he is indeed an original of our realm


Although a well-traveled gent, he mostly operates in this Earthen plane. Specifally, he is drawn to the darkest, dirtiest parts of the city


Expertly wields two one-sided hatchets, hence his name. Also uses long, gnarled knife. Very limber and nimble, and will dog you till he's called off. Appears to be blend in shadow through unknown means, and has enhanced sense of smell for tracking.

Class: H3 (Formidable, but untraceable, lone and with fixed objective. Unlikely to cause major problems to balance)


Was one of the hitmen sent after The Protagonist.

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