Constructed Mythology

Hanver is one of Adyr's continents located at it's north. It is the smallest amongst the continents but it's inhabitants, collectively known as Hanverians, proved to be strong and independent from the other continents.


The continent of Hanver was formerly a part of a huge landmass simply called the Super Continent. Due to the movement of the tectonic plates, the continent seperate itself and settle at the northern part of Adyr.

The continent was named after Hanver the Just, Hero of Continent.


The continent of Hanver is comprised of two major regions, with a number of smaller islands scattered about them. These are the mainland Hanver and the Somasha Archipelago in the southwest. The mainland Hanver is where most of Hanverians are located and build their kingdoms and homes. Somasha is the smaller of the two and has a few difference in terms of geography, climate and ecosystem from the mainland. It is known haven for the vast numbers of pirates and buccaneers.

The Great Belaroth Sea is the expanse of water to the east of the Empire of Kandarlon and the Corfus Sea sits west of Bapuria. The north has the Vasielean Sea while the south has two, the Lesser Belaroth Sea and the Temesuar Sea which are part of the Gilhorn Ocean.

There are many islands scattered all over the continent, the largest and most important are the Volinon Isles in Kandarlon and the twin islands of Quezores and Madefra.

List of Races[]

  • Humans - the dominant race of this continent.


List of Wars and Campaign[]

  • War of Continental Liberation
  • War of the Jewel
  • Atron Ivo's Wars
  • Purple Hats Rebellion at Kandarlon