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Halönrí, the mighty Norse dragon God.

Halönrí was a Norse dragon God that tried to overthrow the Gods. He fought with Thor, Odin, and Loki for thirty days and nights. During their struggle, the Norse people were devastated. While the Gods fought, they were put through a time of natural disaster that became known as Halönrían. During Halönrían, they faced earthquakes, lightning storms, snow storms, raining fire, tornadoes, meteor showers, and avalanches. One of the more disturbing results of the climactic battle was the general increase in violence during this time, including several small wars fought over simple things like barrels of mead and wives. But, when the struggle was over, Thor, Odin, and Loki prevailed. The dragon God was killed. From the death of the dragon God, three drops of blood fell to the earth. These drops brought Lðröthrían, Fafílögg, and the Níðhöggr into existance. With his death the unusual events taking place below finally ceased and the world was at relative peace once more, or so they thought.