Constructed Mythology

"The most piss-poor race of men I have ever had the misfortune of being captured by..."

-Bren Mwagog


It is suspected the Guntid are as old as earth its self. No one knows for sure how long ago the first Guntid looked about in his kingdoms, and it is unknown how he came to be. He just simply did. The Guntid are too savage to even think about where they had come from and when and why.


These men are viewed as less human than animal by the majority of the common world. They are said to have a very primal language based around gutteral sounds and hand motions rather than a flowing tongue. The Guntid rarely venture outside their villages, caves, holy lands, or shacks and even more rare will a Guntid clan rally an army worth a bushel of wheat by Atlaanite standards. It is told that laws do not exsist in these lands, and that the only fueling legal system there is must be bound by popular demand rather than anything logical. The average Guntid man stands tall but bent over appearing short, hairy, pale-white to bronze tan, black to blonde haired, and muscular. It is almost as if the Guntid are apes that mock the human form, and because of this people have little quarrel about enslaving Guntid children. On note of Children, the Guntid Children who are enslaved into societies rarely gain the ability to speak well, and often only utter simple phrases. They all have a profound desire to be free, and it is that sole reason that no one has ever conquered their lands.