Constructed Mythology

Prince Gula of Cikira, Prince of Cikira(Gula Hernof Palatas ), born 30 May 1997 in Konrig), is the youngest son of King Sandro XI of Cikira and his wife Queen Gderdith of Cikira.

The prince have two older siblings: Princess Lorina Felin Palatas (b. 993), and Prince Gyula Gierek Palatas (b. 997). His godparents are Emperor Favian XVIII of Kandarlon and Lady Fulva, Duchess of Ruspe, a friend of the queen.

He is now attending the Holy Cikira University along with his siblings.


The official source of his names:

  • Gula is after his maternal great granduncle, Gula of Handas.
  • Hernof is after the young brother of his mother, Hernof Bari.

He is the second in line to the throne of Cikira.