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The Govoki are a shy race, choosing to remain hidden from the rest of the world for many years. Now, they have joined the third party alliance, hoping to protect themselves from evils like the Azuncians.

Govoki cultist


Little is known about what a Govoki truly looks like, as they always wear long robes and hoods, even in their sleep. Furthermore, they wear intricate masks to cover their faces. It is known that they have very pale skin and strange, two toed feet. Male and female Govoki are easy to tell apart, as the masks they wear are very distinctive.


Like most other things they know, Govoki don't often share knowledge of their culture with others, though it is certainly a unique and wonderous culture. The masks they wear most likely determine their status, not unlike the Zets concept of hair determining status. They worship Auria, their goddess, frequently, and have many temples in their cities.


Apparently, Govoki once lived in a hidden place known only as Govoki mountain. Now, most Govoki can be found in the upper void and all over Fubadubia, but many explorers still search for Govoki mountain, trying to find a hint of truth regarding the legend.


Govoki are well known as amazing healers, sometimes able to heal near-fatal wounds. Perhaps this is one reason that the mostly primitive third party welcomed them so eagerly.