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Gortran is a landbridge connecting Ight'Theru and the main body of Dynir together. It is mainly lowland but has a spine of mountains winding down its western edge. Gortran is dominated by marshland and river deltas and its thinness and the fact that it lies between two major bodies of water means that Gortran is often covered in an all-consuming fog. When this fog is lifted it is possible to see for miles in any direction because of the pancake-like flatness of this place.


Few races live in Gortran. It is an unforgiving environment and it is ill-suited for most. However a simian-amphibian race thrives here. They are known as Boaldii although nobody knows what they call themselves.


From what people have observed it would seem that the Boaldii worship a great toad-shaped water spirit which they believe lives beneath the marshes of Gortran. Its name is unknown.


Few animals live in Gortran except for amphibians and certain water birds like herons. There are also several species of water snake present which prey on all the other animals there. One particularly impressive species, the Marsh Cobra, can grow up to 10 metres long and as thick as a tree trunk.

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