Constructed Mythology
Golden Dragon Sabre

The Golden Dragon Sabre

The Ruler of the Crimson Kingdom, Lord Xyrie, holds The Golden Dragon Sabre, an ancient and sacred sword, blessed by Great Lord Viknen himself.


The Lord of Light, Lord Viknen visits the world every two hundred years. Upon his last visit, he saw that the world was in turmoil. He found the most devouted follower of the Gods he could find, Lord Xyrie Validikus of the Crimson Kingdom, and blessed him. Viknen forged the Golden Dragon Sabre, and enchanted it with magical fire and light energy, and gave it to the King.


  • Light attack: A shot of light is released through the tip of the sabre and stuns the enemy. Also stops corruption attacks.
  • Fire attack: turns the blade into a line of fire and can turn enemies into ash.


Xyrie holds this sword day and night, and has charged that if anyone steals it and is discovered, the penalty is death.