Constructed Mythology

Golamath, mostly known as the Singing Giant, is one of the Ancient Four, and created directly by the Dreamer. He is extremely powerful.


Golamath is a giant three hundred feet from head to toes. His skin is like stone, and his eyes are like black gems. He has a huge beard fifty feet in length. He wears armor of crystal, carved with runes of great power. His hammer is a monstrosity: as long as he is, made entirely of the hardest adamantium, and enstrenghtened by the Secret Language, the hammer is able to smash entire hills with each blow.


Golamath emerged from the Eternal Dream, together with the other Ancient Ones, on command of the Dreamer. He took care of the earth, and erected vast mountain ranges during the uncounted milennia before the Dawn. Using the Secret Language, the words of creation only known by him, he gave these creations depth and importance.

After the Great War, he went to sleep, burying himself in a mountain of crystal, deep below the ground. He slept for many years, causing earthquakes when he stirred in this dreamless sleep. His brethren, the true giants, went out to carve great kingdoms for themselves, yet were hindered so severely by the dwarves (and their allies the humans). This caused the enmity between the dwarven and giant race to deepen, resulting too often in bloodshed.

In the Sixth Eon, the Crystal Gate, the only entrance to his sleeping chamber, was opened, and he arose in full power. Wielding a hammer four hundred feet long and many tons heavy, he wreaked havoc along his enemies. After ceasefire was announced, he withdrew from the world of Thurkear, and carved out a location within the Dream.


The Singing Giant is extremely powerful. Of the Ancient Four, he is the most powerful in melee combat, with his massive strength and his enormous hammer. However, he is the master of both geomancy and truenames, and is therefore as dangerous as one might get.