Constructed Mythology

Hedone is the Queen of the Fairies and first child of Eros and Psyche.

She is the Muse of Delight, inspiring love and passion in the humans' hearts. Her throne is located on the Tempel of Himeros, but she is not there very often, she prefers to go to the human towns to put fire of Love on the heart of any person she can find.

Her weapons are a perfumed torch of fire of Love and a myrtle. When she puts her myrtle on the head of mortal, he becomes an ecstatic poet that will sing verses to the Love and Pleasure as doves, bees and butterflies are born from his mouth along the verses. These poets become her priests and most fervent devotees.

Mortal lovers[]

This goddess loves the love itself, and the thing she loves the most is to fall in love, even with mortals.

When she falls in love with a mortal man, she enters into the heart of woman, making her fall in love with Hedone's target. Hedone will grant all the erotic spells and charms to the woman, making her able to use them to enamour the man Hedone loves.

She remains on the heart of a bride until the Wedding Night, and then she uses body of the wife to mate with her beloved man. Thereby the couple's first children are not humans but fairic or half-fairic babies. Even after Hedone leaves the heart of the woman, the wife can still retain the fairic powers she had gotten from Hedone, and will become a secret priestess of this goddess, getting great blessings and divine attributes. Sometimes Hedone could go back to the heart of the wife to mate again, and the wife will be glad to offer herself to the mating ritual of her goddess. The goddess's presence can only be revealed by a strange light on the wives' heart, a strong perfume coming from her breath, a quiet chorus of sweet voices joining the wife's voice, and the hidden flames of pleasure and desire burning her womb. The mating itself is by far more intense and pleasant due to the presence of Hedone.

Despite being a Goddess of Delight, Hedone is a rageous goddess when annoyed. If the husband gets to be infidel to her spouse, she will turn the wife into a dragonic hydra that will devour the husband, his lover and their children if any. These beasts could put on fire a whole city if the goddess's rage is not appeased. The only way to appease her is by making a sacrifice of flowers and fruits for her. After the sacrifice is done, Hedone will turn the hydra into a peaceful dove.