Constructed Mythology

Garbie Wutt born on the fifteenth day of the middle monthe when the days are shorter, he was the son of the Emperor Reagent Frozo of Triawebug and Caesaria. He was called to be a guardian when his father was called to be a dark nemister. His whole life was dedicated on training him to be the next emperor of Triawebug.

Although his father was one of the servants of Dark Meda, he chose, though reluctantly, to fight against him when he was called by Elder Enirad. He left the care of the empire to his trusted servant, Bordetello.


He is very arrogant that he treats his co-guardians as his servants or of lower degree, considering that he is a royal blood. This often leads him to an argument with another guardian. Even though Kaif is his half-brother, he never treated him like one.


His eyes were from his father and is often noted as it's cold like his father's. But the delicate curve of his eyebrows were from his mother which he share with Kaif.


As a guardian of water, he takes full control of the water element. He can summon water during combat to aid him in offense and defense. He also partly control the weather like the rain, hailstorm, and the like. He specializes in the use of a trident. He could also manage to teleport and send telepathic messages to his fellow guardians. His spirit-guardian is a water serpent.


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The Trident of Aquiah is his weaapon.