Constructed Mythology

The Ganeshians are a humanoid race of rodents found primarily in the Ophir Forest of Darathorne though they can be found everywhere in Adyr. They are between 5 to 6 feet in height, lean built, has pointed ears and snout, whip-like tails and a pair of slit eyes. They are known to be hardworking and charming race though they are capable of being shrewd and ruthless to their enemies.


They are a peaceful and tranquil people who work much at their home. They value peace but if they felt threaten, they can be one of the fiercest and ruthless soldiers of Adyr. They prefer to commune with the nature who provide them whatever their needs.

The forest of Ophir are an important factor in shaping the society of the ganeshians. They pay respect and protect the forest at all cost. The ganeshians are all thought at very young age how to use the bow, swords and how to survive out in the forest away from civilization. Their is a ceremony for all ganeshians every year which serves as a coming of age ceremony for young ones called the Journey. All young ganeshians around 12 to 13 are ceremoniously sent to the deepest part of the Ophir Forest for three months to test their strength and capabilities. Though many returns home, the few who did not return are thought to be chosen by the Forest to its guardians.


All the ganeshians believe of a triumvirate of Gods: Brigandu, Goddess of the Woods, Sanas, Protector of the Wild and Kildan, Lord of the River. They reside somewhere inside the forest, guarding it and helping their chosen people, the gansehians.


Naming Convention[]

Ganeshians usually named their firstborn, if boy, to his paternal grandfather and adds the word Uth and the father's name as his surname. The word Uth means son of. If is a girl, her name is from her paternal grandmother and adds the word Fom and the father's name as her surname.

The second child, if a boy, is named after his maternal grandfather and the same surname while if it is a girl, the maternal grandmother and the same surname. The third child and so on are named as desired by the parents with the same surnames.

Due to the probability of having two different people has the same name, they prefer to be use nicknames and shortened their names.