Constructed Mythology

Galahighel Darkstripe also known as Serjeant Darkstripe, Galahighel Blackstripe, or (by those extremely close to him) Gal, was a Dark Elf and the second Lord Master of the Second Emphirean Rangers, also known as the New Vigilance. He was joined the Vigilance after escaping slavery on Balladar and sailing to Ethrand to start his new life. His hard demeanor and the personal apprenticeship under Lord Master Baer the Gruff allowed him to soar through the ranks of the Rangers until he became one of the serjeants of the Tor Hill Ranger stronghold in Windchest. Galahighel also traveled with a nameless band of adventurers during his years as the Serjeant of Windchest.

Early Life[]

"I always wonder where I came from and what my real name is. I've known no name other than Darkstripe. Maybe that's who I've become; maybe there is no returing."
―Galahighel Darkstripe after joing the Emphirean Rangers.

Nothing is known about his birth or where his lineage originates, but it is theorized that he was born straight into slavery and was separated from his parents as soon as he was able to begin laboring. His earliest memories are of the Dwarven slave mine, Bigalnidum, where young slaves were used to mine inside of crevices and tight tunnels that were too small for older slaves to fit. His recurring nightmares are often of Bigalnidum and how claustrophobic it made him. As a teenager he would mine near the large city of Grondibad in the mithril mines there, but he would spend most of his time fighting for his life in the secret fighting pit some of the slave overseers ran. This, and the many fights he would get in with many of the other slaves that did not like Dark Elves, would give him survival and fighting skills that the Dwarves prized in their slaves. He was sold and transported out of the mountains of Arvindor to become a caravan vanguard. This was considered a promotion in the terms of slaves as Dwarven vanguards were treated much better than the slaves that labored in the mines.