Constructed Mythology

"Gliding silently through the moist jungle air on strong, leathery wings, the majestic gabacci closes in on his unsuspecting prey. Within moments, predator and prey collide, and the hungry hunter swallows his prey whole."


Alright, time to critique that passage. First, while Gabacci do live in jungles, don't think that's the only place you'll find them. These versatile and adaptable creatures can live anywhere. Second, the whole part about gliding may be a bit unrealistic. Gacacci wings aren't very big, so our friend may have had to do a little flapping as well. Finally, the bit about him swallowing his prey whole... depends on what his prey is, and how big this Gabacci is. If he's hunting an insect, sure he can swallow it whole, but if a normal sized Gabacci swallows a Gugg whole... yeah, they can do it, but it isn't likely they'd be able to fly for a while, and landing leaves them vulnerable to even larger predators. Of course, if said Gabacci is a hive lord, no problem.

Gabacci hive lord

A hive lord.

Ok, enough of that. Gabacci are snake-like creatures with wings and large, rock hard skulls. They're quite fascinating really, especially their hives. All Gabacci have a role to play in their hives, whether it be worker, scout or mother. At the top of the ladder sit the hive lords; huge Gabacci who work together to run the hive. There are usually five to seven hive lords in a hive, depending on the size. Gabacci are social creatures, so life in a hive is very much like being part of one huge family. Gabacci will often bring food back for the hive, though they also go out to feed themselves. As for mating, the process is simple. A female Gabacci sets her sights on a male and will usually never pick another mate. If the male is the least bit attracted to the female, they will become mates. Hive lords also hunt and mate, though there is always one lord who will stay back while the others hunt. The hive needs leadership after all.

Gabacci are respected predators in most food chains. There are very few creatures who will prey on a Gabacci, and even fewer who would even dream of taking on a hive lord. The most common danger to a lone Gabacci is the ridiculously persistent Gasdur who will remember a Gabacci that got away and chase it until one of them is dead.