Constructed Mythology


Although originally a race unapart from dwarves, the Gûn'Dûr clans were exiled from the dwarven kingdom of Rodwar for a crime against the kingdom, a crime which they did not commit. They were sent north to create a new life for themselves, which they did in Ight'Theru, a place up-till-them uninhabited. They began by clearing the mountains there of the darker beasts, driving creatures such as the Kaldak - the Midnight Wolf - into extinction and driving out others like the Kängrul and the Naergraw, small vicious creatures which resemble the Narrodar of Ethārik. Several centuries later the new Dwarf King called a great tribunal on the case of the murder of the Ter-Baed clan by the Gûn'Dûr. After great deliberation it was decided that the Gûn'Dûr were innocent. However, by that point the off-shoot of the dwarves no longer wished to be a part of the Kingdom of Rodwar. They had become used to their freedom and no longer wished to be ruled by the Dwarf King. As such the Gûn'Dûr never became a part of the Kingdom of Rodwar after their seperation.


Gûn'Dûr are typically around 5' 1", about 4 inches taller than Rodwar dwarves but 2 inches shorter than Durndahl, the other off-shoot of the dwarven lineage. They are also broader, for their height, than any other dwarven race. They are even stronger than normal dwarves and have a thick brow ridge, unlike any other dwarven race. The mountains of Ight'Theru are much more prone to rock slides than those of Rodwar and the brow ridge has evolved to protect the brain from blows to the crown and forehead. Gûn'Dûr can also survive much longer without water because of incredibly sophisticated kidneys that mean that they do not require as much fluids. Dwarven urea is more solid than liquid and is excreted at the same time as faeces.


Gûn'Dûr are an exceptionally hardy, proud people, unlikely to accept help from anyone except one of their own. They are suspicious of almost everyone because of the betrayal by their own Kingdom in the past. Some Gûn'Dûr have lived for long enough to remember the seperation.


Gûn'Dûr are incredibly strong and surprisingly nimble for their bulkiness. Gûn'Dûr are now known for their magical prowess but it has been seen that certain Gûn'Dûr - known as Bajk-Kioar - possess a strong connection to the magical aura and have been seen to use even the purest magic with great ease.


The skin of Gûn'Dûr is very susceptible to heat damage and to allergic reactions. The xenophobic nature of Gûn'Dûr is because of this susceptibility to allergens.


Gûn'Dûr live only in Ight'Theru but others have been seen elsewhere where they can mine ore for profit.

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