Constructed Mythology
Fubadub Allies
Fubadubs, Turkys, Gragons, Kombadombbbs, Ello, Fubadub Crows
Nee Legion
Nee, Squirrels, Wumpadumps, Black Sheep, Camaki, Zorkenhumulschmunks
Third Party
Mongosse, Chipmunk, Skant, Mizinti, Govoki, Undead Ello
Azuncian Alliance
Azuncians, Soul Harvesters, Monstrosidoodles

Arguably the first race to ever exist on Fubadubia, the Fubadubs are kind, gentle and role models for all their allies. While their true homeland is Fubadub land, on the northeastern coast of the east continent, the Fubadubs are a curious race, a trait passed down to them by the creator himself, and can be found virtually anywhere, whether exploring or simply living.


Male and Female Fubadubs look almost alike in appearance. Female Fubadubs generally have noticably longer eyelashes, and their fur is distinctly lighter and creamier than a male's. Females may also have thinner and more delicate legs than those of their male counterparts. All Fubadubs have big, innocent eyes which are basically just one huge pupil. For some reason, their eyes are always shiny, and some claim that wherever you see shine is wherever a Fubadub is looking, but the Fubadubs have yet to comment on these claims, preferring to let us figure it out.

Fubadubs have no arms and as such, are considered extremely gifted in the art of moving things with one's mind. When charging into battle, Fubadubs are seen with their swords at their sides, seemingly hanging in midair.


All Fubadubs, regardless of alliance, worship Fubbus, the great Fubadub god.


Fubadubs by nature enjoy the colour beige, and often build with beige bricks. They enjoy the colour orange of course, but to them, nothing can compare to the creamy goodness of their beige bricks.

Fubadub culture is centered around family values and honor. As such, Fubadubs do not enjoy things such as night clubs, which are virtually unheard of in Fubadub City. Fubadubs usually have only one or two children in a lifetime.

As a result of their alliance with many other races, many festivals occur in Fubadub city each year. The favourite holiday of the Fubadubs is "go to sleep day", where anyone caught outside their homes has to parade through the streets wearing a broccoli costume, all day.

Famous Fubadubs[]

Fubbus: The god of the Fubadubs. Sir Gerald Fubbanore: The most famous Fubadub knight. Famous for defeating the Eee in the first war. King Fubby: Talks with Fubbus, then passes what he says onto his people. He also makes major decisions regarding war, alliances, etc. Fubadub Joe: A famous Fubadub musician, who has sold more albums than any other Fubadub. Was a high-school friend of Zorken T. Humulschmunks.