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Yet another close relative of the Fubadubs, Fubadub Crows are masters of the skies, keeping watch from high atop their tree cities.

Crow dive bomber


Fubadub Crows Have black and orange striped feathers, as well as pointed beaks. Occaisonally, Fubadub crows may be born with pink feathers. There is no difference between pink and dark crows. Fubadub Crows wings are strong and the crows can easily glide long distances using them. Their pointed talons help them cling to thin branches as well as hang from them sometimes. Male crows will sometimes have one or two multicoloured feathers sticking up on their head.


Fubadub crows are very Shamanistic, creating cures for illnesses and injuries from what the natural world provides. They can also influence the growth of plants somewhat using special chants. In very rare cases, a crow shaman is so powerful, he can call storms. These crows are known as Stormcallers. Fubadub crows usually worship the natural world itself, claiming to gain understanding just by listening to the wild.


Fubadub Crows have a capital city located in Skygrab forest, a forest of trees that are seemingly floating in midair.

Notable Fubadub Crows[]

Chief Whitebeak: A venerable crow, so old that his feathers have all turned white. He is the leader of the Fubadub crows, as well as the most powerful stormcaller alive. His many years of life in Fubadubia have made him very wise and understanding.

Stormcrow: An ambitious young crow, Storm was born with pink feathers. She soon discovered her potential as a stormcaller, though she believed the other stormcallers would never let her discover her true power. She ran away to the giant mansion known as Bob's place and made her new home on the roof of the mansion, where she remains to this day, shrouding the land with black storm clouds.