Constructed Mythology

The High Pantheon of Frek’Dor:[]

Lorduk, God of fire; Lorduk rules over fires and volcanoes. He can rain hell on any city if they fail to properly worship or appease him. Sacrifices of Goats must be made monthly, or else something terrible may happen.

Orin, God of Earth: He is the supreme ruler over the earth. It was he along with Lorduk, Lyeve, and Dina who created the earth. He is the ruler of the ground itself, the grass, and the animals that walk upon his earth. He brings fertility to the soil, and allows the Frek’Dor to breed many goats, and to hunt many game. A sacrifice of two goats must be made by each tribe monthly.

Lyeve, Goddess of Water: Lyeve brings the rains, and controls the seas and rivers. She can cause a village to flood, or for a river to run dry. She controls the fish, and turtles and such animals. And can cause the fish to die in a river, leaving the water toxic. Lyeve asks for no sacrifices, but a special ritual must be done every three months where rain water is gathered and blessed, and then returned back to the rivers and streams.

Dina, goddess of wind: She controls the storms, the sky, the clouds and the planets. She can cause planets to crash into the earth, and for it to be forever night. At least three daily prayers must be made by a family, or she can cause them to experience terrible luck, and to forever be lost, and never make it towards the cosmos to live forever.

The Low Pantheon:[]

Rukvar, leader of the wolf packs: Rukvar is the guardian over the packs of wolves the Frek’Dor care for. He can cause the beasts to go rapid and to attack the Frek’Dor if he thinks the wolves aren’t being cared for. He is a very distant god, and only a yearly sacrifice of a virgin wolf must be made.

Riona, watcher of the Trees: Riona is the queen of the forest, and must be treated as such. She can cause the forest to rot and burn around the Frek’Dor, and if a weekly sacrifice of fresh berries and meat is not burned in an altar in the forest, she will make the trees die. Riona is a very important god to the Frek’Dor, and that is why they care for trees as much as they do. She also can make women and men alike unfertile, and that is also why she is the goddess of Fertility.

Cinona, goddess of Law: She punishes all law breakers with being trapped on earth forever, and being reincarnated till they have done their time, then she allows them to join their friends in the cosmos.