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The Francosian Guards, (officially named Holy Order of St. Francos the Defender), also known as Guardians was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization in Hanver.The organization existed for approximately five centuries since founding in 567. Though its a monastic order, it became indispensable political and military allies of the Lunar League, though they are not members of it. They championed the weak and gave shelters to the poor. The current Holy Marshal of the Order is Lady Maria Mabuse.

At various time, the estimated number of the Guardians is about 25,000 strong, scattered in strategic places in Hanver as well as in some outpost outside of the continent, notably in the Desert Continent. There head quarter, Marshal Keep, is at the island of Edass, south of Dieber. The order was named after Saint Francos, a noble warrior before becoming a priest.


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At some point in the Order's early history, the Guards formed a central political entity called the Guardian High Council. The High Council was a gathering of great minds that acted as a governing body for the Order. The High Council consisted of five lifetime members, four members who stayed on the Council until they chose to step down, and three short term members, who changed regularly and sat on the Council for a relatively short period of time.

The Holy Marshal overlooks all the monastic and military activities of the order.

The order's hierarchy follows this ranking.

  • Paladins/Cardinal
    • High Councilor - A very few Paladins or Cardinal were invited to serve on the Guardian High Council, the governing body of the Order.
  • Knights/Bishop
  • Guardians/Priest
  • Apprentice/Acolyte - an novice who began serious tutelage under a single Guardian or Priest.
  • Novice - the lowest rank of the order. The novice, when he enters the order, must choose his calling between joining the military side or the monastic side of the order.


In addition to the ordinary ranks, there were a number of ranks and titles based on specialization in areas of warfare and diplomacy.

  • Francosian Consul - a Cardinal or Bishop, the Consul would concentrate primarily on the diplomacy and the powers and philosophies of the Order.
  • Francosian Watcher - a Knight, the Order's investigator who is assigned to a particular region all over the continent.
  • Francosian Champions - specially trained Knights who are the bodyguards of the entire High Council and the Holy Marshal.
  • Francosian Seekers - trained Knights who serve as the eyes and ears of the Order.