Constructed Mythology

Ferund of Hamer(given names: Ferund Athol Kremon, born 4 August 1003 N.A. in Onze) is the youngest child of Athol VIII, Noberator of Hamer, and Lady Betillia of Hamer. He is a nephew of the Atron, Ferund XVII and Atrona Willia of Bapuria.

Ferund of Hamer has one older sister, Vulia Tharina, born on September 3, 1001 N.A. also at Onze. He's currently attending the Galitzin College at Desaila along with his sister as well as her two cousins, Atronavia Kremona Hiezel and Atronavan Alexandru Haselik.


  • Ferund is for his uncle, Atron Ferund XVII.
  • Athol is the common name of the family of Hamer.
  • Kremon is for his grandfather, Kremon IV.

He is the heir of the Noberatorship of Hamer as well as the second in line to succeed the Atronate of Bapuria as he is the nephew of the Atron.