Constructed Mythology

The Fayjeuran Pantheon are the ancient gods of Fayjeura. There are many different gods and goddesses representing the elements etc.


Good is the god of good.

Good: God of goodness. Is the Fayjeuran version of God.

Evil: God of evilness. Is the Fayjeuran version of the Devil.

Natura: Goddess of nature and Good's wife. Is the Fayjeuran version of Mother Nature.

Jovar: The god of wind and the parent gods' youngest son. Equivalent of Zeus. Appears as a middle-aged man in a light green and grey chiton, with a sheaf of lightning bolts at the bak of his belt. He blasts the World with these when he is angry.

Heliar: The god of fire and the Sun and the parent gods' second youngest son. Equivalent of Helios/Apollo. Looks much younger and more handsome than Zeus. He sends the Sun across the sky each day. He wears a red and gold chiton and a bow and quiver across his back.

Neptar: The god of water and the parent gods' second eldest son. Equivalent of Poseidon. Looks like a wise old man wearing a green and blue chiton, with a seaweed green beard. He carries a golden trident and conch of the ocean.

Plutar: The shady god of earth and the Underworld and the parent gods' eldest son. Equivalent of Hades. Has long grey hair and his face has no obvious age at all. He wears a black and brown chiton and carries a bident (two-pronged spear).

Vulcanus: The one-legged god of blacksmiths.

Luvrina: The goddess of love and beauty. Equivalent of Aphrodite. Wears a purple and pink chiton and carries an enchanted mirror that she uses for magic.

Armarix: The god of war who is the husband of Luvrina. Equivalent of Ares. Wears a suit of grey armour and carries a sword, spear and shield.

Ero: The god of love/hate and equivalent of Eros. Looks like a lovesick teenager with wings and a bow and quiver on his back. His arrows make you loving or hating if they hit you.

Luna: Goddess of the moon and equivalent of Selene/Artemis. Wears a white and silver chiton and carries a bow and quiver on her back. It was she who blessed the Benu to assist her in protecting the animals. Sends the Moon across the sky each night.

Lorin: The god of heroes. Wears a white and green chiton and carries a sword, bow and arrows and healing potions. Rides the the first pegasus, Fleigar.

Yura: The goddess of magi. Is Lorin's twin sister who has the first flurble, Kym, as her familiar.

Rawk: The god of birds.