Constructed Mythology
General Information





Common, Darkspeech

Average Lifespan

Can live for centuries

Physical Information
Average Height

Whatever it was in life

Average Weight

Whatever it was in life

Skin Colors

No visible skin

Hair Colors

No visible hair

Eye Colors

No visible eyes

Abilities Information
Magical Ability

Everything they could do before the Remaking, Ghosting

Societal Information
Common Affiliations


OOC Information

Fathomlings are a race from Maroit. They are created when a humanoid falls into the Fathoms. When this transformation (called the Remaking) takes place, they retain their magical prowess, but lose their gender and most of their memories. If a fathomling encounters someone or something from their previous life, they may experience a sense of deja vu, and rarely, they may regain one of their old memories.


Fathomlings look like humanoids covered in black cloth. Attatched to their face is a flat bone plate. They have no visible sensory organs. Their voices sound deep and rattling. Fatomlings rarely wear large weapons, because Ghosting items requires a great deal of concentration.


Fathomlings are blind and deaf. In compensation, they can sense everything around them for up to 60 feet.


Fathomlings are capable of Ghosting, shifting the various parts of their body between the Ethereal and Material planes. When in each plane, they are capable of passing through objects in the other plane. Objects in the ethereal plane are visible in the material plane, and vice versa. This is due to the fact that light exists on both planes. Ethium exists in both planes, so fathomlings cannot pass through it.

Fathomlings cannot Materialize in solid objects. Materializing in a liquid or gas will displace it, creating a popping sound.


The thing most fathomlings fear above all else is to fall into the Fathoms again. Fathomlings that do so end up as unrecognisable mostrosities called Twicefallen bent on killing all or casting them into the Fathoms, including fathomlings, although Twicefallen can have rare moments of lucidity. If a Twicefallen falls into the Fathoms, it simply grows more and more corrupted, eventually becoming a Darkling. Twicefallen are not afraid of falling into the fathoms again.

If a nonhumanoid falls into the Fathoms, various things can happen, but they usually end up with the same mindset as a Twicefallen.

Religion and Culture[]

Most fathomlings worship Cthen. They regard the Remaking as a blessing from Cthen.

Cthen is a god with multiple personalities, really two gods. They have a light half and a dark half, that exist independently from one another. Most fathomlings worship the light half. At random moments, a different personality will take hold of Cthen. Their light built a sanctum for the good dead, and their darker half build a place to punish the dead. Their light half struck a bargain with the dark half. The dark half would only punish the wicked, and the light half would claim the worthy for their sanctum. In exchange, the darker half would be given control over the Twicefallen.

Fathomlings name themselves. Their names usually resemble their previous names.

Notable Fathomlings[]