Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Evoland is a pretty bland name for this place, but it still explains it perfectly.

Evoland is a land much like you're home once was at stoneage. There are creatures of all kinds in this world, from monkies to sewer rats. But now imagine that man has been replaced by something else, something new. Insted of machine-making, ozone-slicing orcs we had these plant like things. We call them plysers.

These plysers had grown naturally, and very very well. They had not just evolved to find the light, they had other purposes too. Not only did they look nice, they looked beautiful. There were billions among billions of these plants.

Back to the present tense: these plysers are still around the world. They are producing strange fruits that enhance the eater and produce evolutionary gasses. They also talk to eachother in silence, trying to make the best possible evolutionary fruits with combined knowledge. They are all trying to evolve us, to hype us up. But there are side effects. In order to make us repopulate and evolve at a faster rate, we have to die faster.

What good is a perfect life if it lasts for a week? We would never be sad because we are getting the best out of everything and then we die, and without sadness there can can be no happiness.

It is one of these that killed you.

Stay away from them.

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