Constructed Mythology


A normal average human being got shipwreaked. He found an island of extraordinary plants and a few 'werewolf like' creatures. The entire island evolved. Using the inventions created by these creatures and people, you made your own dimension. this was then called evoland


these plants are what made the planet evolve, including you (the very last human).


these creatures have branched off of humanity and are therefor better in every way, EVERY way. from cat and dog people to flying 'fairies'. these are now called the 'kai' insted of 'people' or 'humans' and they never use technology, like you. everyone wears little clothing


this is an exact replica of earth but without any civilization at all except the small organisms and the creatures that you have brought. think of a beautiful meadow and then a beach. that is earth now. beautiful and natural in every way, but never spoiled by any technology. unfortunately, earth is empty now.

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Real world[]

Mighty Eric is helping me. Half the credit to him.

-Primary creator, Robertrebor74