Constructed Mythology

Esyrias il'Cor was Avran's brother, and lived in the same time. Stak's direct ancestor.

Fighting Style[]

Esyrias was a fire mage who greatly admired the demons, and wished to become more like them. His fighting style was modeled on theirs, and employed wide blasts and sprays of fire. Esyrias was notable for his great strength- enhanced by magic, he carried a big-ass sword taller than he was, and wielded it with ease.


Esyrias' main defining feature was his sense of loyalty and duty. In his younger years, this loyalty was directed towards his family and The Haram Empire, but as he matured he chose his own friends and allies. He lacked a strong sense of mercy or compassion to those he was not connected with.

Esyrias was also notable for escaping the mage's fate of death in battle. He eventually retired, gave up fighting, and raised a family.

Because I Can[]

Esyrias Receives a Gift